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Bedtime Stories of Faith

When my children were younger I could count on hearing one phrase as we neared bedtime… “Tell me a story about when you were my age.” Our children loved to hear stories (even from our dinner guests), but especially at … Continue reading

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Your child’s spiritual report card

It’s the end of the first marking period at my school and everyone, students and teachers alike, are working like mad to finish up work. Tonight parents and teachers will convene in the gym for conferences. Much of the dialogue … Continue reading

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Dance like no one is watching

Curls bouncing as she twirled around, little dress flowing, humming to herself as she danced to the song in her heart. Lost in her own world in a room full of people. As I watched my daughter from across the crowded … Continue reading

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Aren’t we going to pray, Mommy?

I get a glimpse of the clock while peeking over the massive load of dirty clothes I’m carrying to the washing machine. 8:13 p.m. Late again, I think. The kids should be in bed right now. I should be in … Continue reading

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All I really need to know I used to learn in kindergarten

Standardized testing now in kindergarten? So let’s get this straight. We hire kindergarten teachers because they are among the most compassionate and kind people God put on this earth. We ask them to guide our children along a path toward … Continue reading

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